We believe entire communities must be strengthened around under-served schools.

In March 2012, we will launch in closed alpha at two pilot schools in the Bay Area, including a fundraiser at a high school in San Francisco that lacks a computer lab, music teacher, art supplies, and adequate sports equipment.

In October 2011, Kevin pitched his idea for Alumn.us at Startup Weekend-EDU, where he met Dan (Alumn.us’ co-founder) and Anish (Alumn.us’ Head of Marketing). Alumn.us won the competition, and Dan quit his job the next day to join Kevin full-time.

Prior to Alumn.us, Kevin served as an Ambassador of Goodwill for Rotary International in Mexico and the founder and Executive Director of BetterGrads, an education nonprofit. Kevin is a former academic and the author of a forthcoming book by UPA based on his research on social capital as a graduate student at the University of Cambridge and at Occidental College, where he was the Culley Award recipient as the top graduating senior. He is a founding trustee of the Awesome Foundation - SF and a regular mentor and speaker at edtech events. @kfadler

Dan also spent the previous year in Mexico, building an online language learning startup, serving as a web development consultant, and dancing the nights away with bachata classes. Dan is the founder of an open-source CRM system provider and web development consultancy. He studied computer information systems at Marist College in Australia.

In late March, UX/UI designer Annie Chen joined the Alumn.us team to make everything beautiful and elegant. Annie studied Communication Design at F.I.T.

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